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An interview with a soldier with the GOR . Why some choose the role of a Slave-female?

After the first trip in Gor: the First trip of the group in the Gor   

I thought...
Why, in the 21st century, among secular, educated people , so many who want to be slaves?
Someone realizes itself as Master, someone like Slave-male or Slave-female. When we visited the Gor, one of the residents of Tasta said: "Why not to talk about the motivations of women why are they here?". In fact, why not to talk, I thought, and invited Andy for an interview. The next day he invited a group of "Russian travelers" in ...a dark basement ! There were four of us: Aleksandr String, Kama Mhia, Omeli Dezno, and Nota Lisa.

 1. A conversation with Andy (inhabitant of the planet GOR, a warrior) 

= Why some choose the role of a Slave-female? =

Kama: Andy, you say: why not to talk about the motivations of women here, about their interests, about why they are here.

Andy: Of Course. I was curious it is, and I asked the women, who play here. To my surprise, I found that the number of women on the planet Gor not less, and even more than men. In my opinion , the GOR is on two basic instincts : the ego and the sexual instinct. Here you can open yourself animalistic side, while in a modern society , this side of the  very much suppressed by the traditions and conventions. The women that I know, talked about the fact that sex here is much more interesting and more sensual than in the normal SL.  It's not just balls with animations, this immersion in a different world.
It should be noted that in the Gor in women appear different interests... Someone gets a great pleasure to shoot and cut enemies in battle, some people like to take prisoners of men and dominate them. The majority of women still like when a man is dominated by their.
Imagine the typical for the Gor of the situation, the woman was taken captive.
She is not a slave, she probably a warrior or was free, and now she is in the dungeon alone with a brutal warrior. Prisoner is tied, she had taken away most of the clothes, in fact she is entirely in the power of men.
Next comes the psychological confrontation. "A man wants from a woman proximity, subordination, maybe he wants her to become his slave.
- A woman is experiencing a storm of mixed feelings. Because in the game a woman is not constrained by any framework, it does not choose expressions, accuses a male in his nature. She is not ready to immediately obey, cries, shouts obscenities, bite.
By the way, many woman really like to splash out the accumulated on the men of discontent and resentment)))
 - An experienced player allows the woman to feel his power and strength, but at the same time is held not to overdo it and do not cause fear or disgust.
- We must always remember that the woman is not ready to submit to the weak male. Women hate weak men or belong to them with a touch of contempt or feeling sorry this is in the best case. Have you ever heard the expression: "You're a good friend, but...". Only brutal and emotional male can ignite a fire in a woman, otherwise she simply will not feel anything. If a man she didn't like it, she will do all that the game was over, for this there are different ways of doing the role-play.
- Strong male gives the possibility for a woman to feel the true nature - the nature of the female. He dominates the woman: he is up to the end takes off her clothes, touches her body, giving her feel his power over her.
I listen to and record ..
Woman of her mind does not want to obey, but her instincts are stronger, they win. She begins to feel the excitement and special pleasure.
Woman told me that when they are tied naked  in front of a strange man, they feel a storm of emotions and the sexual excitement.
And I would add - sensual virtual sex is an art... Only very good players are able to do this in a high emotional level.

Kama: The Art?
 Andy: Of Course. It is creativity. This is not about to sit down on the balls and start the animation, on the contrary it is the creation of an atmosphere, a subtle psychological game, feelings. It would be more correct to say that this is not a game, but it is psychology. Women have told me, that such the glow of passion, have not experienced even in real life.
I like the phrase that the woman is sexy zone, but most of her sexy, it is the brain.
Now, as I think, will be a little easier to understand why some women having been in captivity, then choose the role of a slave.

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